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    At The Minimart we have noted an evolution in the relationship between brands and consumers. This change has been brought about by what we believe to be the most significant effect of the growth of the internet. People have become publishers in their own right, using social media platforms to say and publicise what they believe. And the currency of this new world is the share of mind they can take from their friends and network of peers. These people have, in effect, started to behave like brands. Content is used and shared to build and confirm their brand positioning. You needn’t take our word for it. Go onto your Facebook page and you will see what we mean. You’re bound to know of several prolific ‘posters’, who continually share snippets of their lives. What these people are doing is more than keeping you in the loop, they are broadcasting their brand message. This behaviour can be quite extreme with one consumer telling us they could not be pictured in the same outfit twice, once they had ‘worn it on Instagram’.

    In this world where people have become brands and prolific hunter gathers of content, commercial brands need to carve out a different relationship with their intended target audience. Beyond projecting an image or a USP they will need to think about how their brand can provide social utility and add to their consumer’s own brand identity. This means thinking beyond the immediate relationship of brand and consumer and developing a deep understanding of people, their passion-points and what they are likely to use to build their brand persona and share. Welcome to the age of ideas worth sharing.

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    Bobby has 17 years experience in advertising and has held a number of senior posts within the industry including Head of Planning at Saatchi & Saatchi, Director of Advertising for Europe at the Coca Cola Company, Executive Planning Director of G2 Joshua and most recently Chief Strategy Officer at Arena Media.  Bobby has worked on both domestic and international campaigns across a diverse range of categories from cars to coffee.  He wrote the strategy for the ‘Carlsberg don’t do but if they did’ campaign and the ‘life flows better’ positioning for Visa Europe.
    Bobby writes extensively and has been published in titles such as Marketing, the FT, Campaign, Strategy and The Drum.  He is also a member of the IPA and the APG and recently won a Euro Effie.
    Outside of work Bobby likes to indulge his passion for great food and flinty dry white wine.

  • As the new football season kicks off, The Minimart has been appointed to work with Women’s Aid on Football United Against Domestic Violence to highlight the rise in domestic violence around football matches by encouraging fans, clubs and players to show domestic violence the red card once and for all.

    Alarming research shows that when the England football team play during international tournaments reported incidents of domestic violence increase by a quarter on the day and more than 10 per cent the following day.

    The Minimart created the campaign name and identity and has shot two films: a hard hitting viral to highlight the core issue and a fundraising film to support ‘Charlie’s Big Challenge’, a 250 mile, seven day ultra-marathon being undertaken by TV presenter and Women’s Aid ambassador, Charlie Webster. The challenge will see her visit over 40 football clubs across the country with the goal of raising £100,000 for Women’s Aid and sending out the message that domestic violence has no place around football. She will be joined by footballers and other celebrities who will run sections of the route with her. Women’s Aid will be promoting the challenge at every opportunity, encouraging the public to get behind Charlie by sponsoring her to complete the challenge.

    The ‘Charlie’s Challenge’ film will air in the lead up to the event in January, while the viral will launch in the lead up to the World Cup in June 2014 for maximum impact.

    Show your support, sponsor Charlie at www.justgiving.com/charliesbigchallenge or text CBC to 70300 to sponsor Charlie and donate £3* to Women’s Aid

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  • What were you passionate about when you were 12? Are you still passionate about the same thing now? Paul Gambaccini reckons that it is the golden age of 12 that you will remember for the rest of your life, and the passions or hobbies you had then will stay with you forever.

    When Paul came in to speak to us on Wednesday, it was my job as the current intern at The Minimart  to review the event. I am sure that everyone in the room will have taken something away from the session, however, as a third year student intern trying to get a foot in the door of a notoriously competitive industry, I found it particularly inspiring.

    Paul first realised his passion for music and the radio when he was still a young boy. He was listening to the radio with his father and as his father left him to get ready for work, the music track changed to Elvis.  Paul was scolded for listening to it and it was also the first time he had heard his father swear. It was at that precise moment that Paul knew that the music he enjoyed was something special.

    Throughout the talk, Paul kept referring back to this lifelong passion he has for what he does and the importance it had in driving him on to succeed.

    Paul stayed true to and followed this passion, despite receiving opportunities that many people would jump at, to divert away from it: one of my favourite parts of his whole talk, was his description of turning down offers from both Yale and Harvard in order to attend Dartmouth- simply because it had a better radio station. His message was simple; when you know what you want to do, the choices you face are easy.

    We were all captivated by the stories of celebrities he’d met. But even these stories had a message in them. His analysis of the process of releasing new records was particularly relevant to the industry we work in. Back in the old days, artists would continually release new material, staying fresh in the public eye. People just weren’t  able to forget or know what it was like to live without them. The Beatles, for example, would release 2 or 3 albums a year plus a string of singles, yet now, artists can go years before releasing an album, which has all their material from that period on it. It’s easy to see why so many artists come and go so quickly. The music industry could benefit more from thinking of their artists as brands, and managing their creative output accordingly.

    The point, he summed up, was ‘don’t go away.’ It’s no good to be able to produce a great piece of work every so often, but do nothing much in between.  If you’re not producing work consistently and on a regular basis, you may just be overlooked for someone who is.

    But by far the best advice I took from Paul’s talk was ‘things are done by the people who do them.’ Paul is certainly a doer- we can see this from the fact that he was the youngest manager of the Dartmouth radio station in its history at the age of 20 whilst still managing to gain good enough grades to get a scholarship to Oxford University to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics alongside Benazir Bhutto. So to all those students, myself included, who complain of too much work, yet spend all their free time in between lectures partying or playing video games- if Paul can run a whole radio station, I am sure we can at least get a work placement in our chosen industry or maintain a blog!

    The ‘go-getter’ attitude that the above quote embodies also reared its head when Paul managed to secure an interview for Rolling Stone Magazine with Elton John, which ultimately got him noticed by the BBC. Whilst at a concert at The Royal Festival Hall, Paul saw Elton John heading towards the bathroom. Most people would probably be intimidated by the fact they’re in the same room as the star- not least a young reporter, still out to make a name for himself. But not Paul, who seeing this as a golden opportunity, followed him into the bathroom and asked him directly, would he give him an interview? Elton John said yes, but referred Paul to his manager. Nothing happened straight away, so Paul kept in regular contact, not pestering, but staying on their radar, until finally, they realised Paul meant business and gave him the interview he desired at a time which was good for them because Elton was about to tour America.

    Overall, the most important thing that I, and others in the room learnt from this session is that you if are truly passionate about something, the key to success is to follow it and not hold back because of any doubt that it may not be achievable. Things are done by the people who do them.

    Adam Roberts (Intern and future planner)


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    Andrew has over 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s leading brands, in some of the world’s most famous agency networks. Previous clients include Philips, Visa Europe, Heineken, Carlsberg, Johnson & Johnson, SABMiller and COI; he has served on the boards of Euro RSCG, TBWA, Lowe Lintas and Saatchi & Saatchi. He has also spent time working in independent agencies, working through the line across any number of categories.

    After graduating from Nottingham University Andrew spent a year playing professional rugby in France, pursuing a love for the game that has never diminished. Returning to London, he joined the marketing department of Barclays Bank, where, he developed a range of campaigns for the retail bank before onto the agency side.

    Outside of work, Andrew splits his time between his two ‘families’, which include wife and children on the one hand and rugby club on the other.

    He joins The Minimart with some experience and a bucket-load of enthusiasm for the challenges ahead.


  • We are really excited to announce that The Minimart has won the prestigious Gold accreditation for Continuous Professional Development from the IPA. This is a benchmark for best practice across the advertising, media and marketing communications professions, supporting growth within each agency and the industry as a whole.

    Inspired by our creative department, we made the decision in January to create a facebook page devoted entirely to the training we do here at The Minimart. Every person in the agency is featured throughout the year’s timeline and all give voice to their objectives both personally and as a team. So the main support for our ‘Pursuit of Gold’ is in keeping with our own objectives as an agency, a nod to the world we occupy and in line with our own environmental policy.

    This is how we feel we gave substance to the work we have done throughout the year. The page is rich in video and content generally. It details our successful weekly ‘Binge Thinking Sessions’, our Agency weekend Challenge in Montreux plus a ‘smorgasbord’ of internal and external training events which have helped us to improve the quality of our service. Caring about how we train our team is also an important factor in why good people want to join us.

    The IPA reported, “The Minimart have prepared a superb submission. Brilliantly presented and delivered in an innovative way, but it certainly is not style over substance. The culture of CPD and the focus on people as the key driver for growth was seamlessly integrated into the plan for the year. A really innovative and powerful build on standard appraisals. A truly great submission demonstrating the power of embracing CPD into the heart of the agency. “

    Says Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, RSA Group and 2012 Chairman of Judges: “It’s been a huge privilege for me to be this year’s IPA Gold Chairman of Judges. I have been massively impressed by the sheer passion, energy and drive among IPA member agencies to really invest in and develop their teams. What is clear is how IPA member agencies are seeing the direct and powerful link between investing in their people and business performance – for agencies at the very top of the game, these two elements are very evidently entwined. As a client, it gives me an even greater confidence in how our excellent IPA member agencies are helping to drive real competitive advantage and results for a business like my own, by recognising and valuing the importance of their people. Exciting times.”

    If you’d like to find out more and take a peek at our timeline contact Jo Smith.


  • Jessica is our newest account director. She developed her career in the world of BTL marketing at a fully integrated marketing agency for over 5 and a half years. Working cross-discipline, Jessica looked after the “yellow fats” account for Anchor Butter, along with everyone’s favourite Squirty Cream, where she created and managed consumer engaging on pack promotions and consumer loyalty clubs.

    Away from the dairy aisle, over the years, Jessica also headed up the marketing team for The Times newspaper, ran the successful TalkTalk X Factor ticket promotion and helped to create brand partnerships for LOVEFiLM.
    Jessica was thrown into presentation training at The Minimart in her first week;
    ‘Wow, what a week. As I prepped myself at the weekend, I really didn’t expect my first week to include performing a Margaret Thatcher speech on stage at The Soho Theatre… thankfully with no audience.
    It already seems as though The Minimart is as much about training and development as it is about office jollys, which makes for a fantastic agency to be newly part of. Introductions to our client businesses, masses of office banter, the pressure of “choosing the music” and a ridiculous amount of December invites, it’s been a fun 5 days. Bring on week 2!’

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    The Beard has gone, it most be Movember!

    Movember's Latest Recruit - Baz

    Movember is here! Yes that special time of the year when it’s ok for a guy to wear some facial foliage upon his top lip and no one not even his other half can tell him to shave it off.

    This year the whole of The Minimart has got behind this great cause. So through out the month of November we will all be struggling (well some of us) to grow a respectable moustache. Our aim is to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer and raise a sizable chunk of change for charity.

    We would really love it if you could help support our effort by visiting our team page and making a donation to this worth cause. Lots more photos of the team and their efforts to come.



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  • The whole team from The Minimart  joined a host of luminaries at a private viewing of the ‘Horrorgami’ exhibition at Gallery One and a Half. The artist (or ‘paper engineer’ as he is referred to) is our very own former designer at The Minimart, Marc Hagan-Guirey (aka Pixel Dandy, aka Paper Dandy). This was his first solo show and the series is the culmination of a lifelong fascination with the macabre.

    The exhibition consisted of 13 original kirigami works, each one cut from a single sheet of paper. Each construction represents an iconic location taken from a cult horror movie – The Overlook Hotel from The Shining, 112 Ocean Avenue from The Amityville Horror, The Fire Station from Ghostbusters and the Dakota Building as seen in Rosemary’s Baby.

    Presented within light boxes, by night the silhouetted paper sculptures appear as spectral and ethereal as the buildings on screen. By day, the works exist in their pure white and tangible form – displaying an innocent and simple beauty and showing their physical construction.

    This series encourages us to consider the artifice of fear, and its psychological construct.

    The exhibition is on until the 14th November. Go see it. It’s simply stunning.

    www.one-and-a-half.com or check it out on Twitter #horrorgami

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  • The Minimart  weekend in Montreux was voted the best ever. The entire team were treated to the best Switzerland could offer. A Grand Hotel beside the beautiful Lake Geneva overlooked by magnificent mountains and a seminar in a castle. In a Dragon’s Den scenario 3 crack teams presented their ideas for the best new product/business idea that the agency will get behind and launch in 2013. A fabulous sum of money was awarded to the winners, Nikki, Natasha, Sampo and Daz. Honourable mention goes to the team who took being based in Soho to heart and treated us to a presentation dressed in towels. Nice try guys but we saw through you. Quite literally.

    This was also the first year that we introduced the Creative Star Awards. These were handed out to the ‘Best of’-Best Creative Concept to Daz and Baz for Maximilk, Best TV Campaign to Baz and Daz for Rubicon 2012, Best Design Awards to Alex for Maxifuel, Best Digital Creation to Sampo for his amazing work for Investec, Creative Energy Award went to Natasha, The Rising Star Award to Daisy, and special congratulations to her as she is now moved up to Account Manager.  Outstanding Contribution To Creativity to Duncan and last but by no means least, the best Social Content Award went to Ed for his Rubicon 50p Challenge Video.

    It was also a time to celebrate with our very own Dan who is now confirmed as Managing Director. Once he was looking after Iron Maiden and now he’s to looking after us; no difference there then.

    Like last year it was a baptism of fire for our newbies and this year it was no different as we welcomed Theo our new Communities Manager, Nikki C our fabulous new Executive Producer and Chris our new Account Director; it isn’t always like this but we do try to have fun doing what we do. Big thanks to our Director of Fun, Isobel for arranging it and giving us a great time. The biggest question is how are we going to beat it next year? Watch this space…